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SARTHAK Batch – For Assured Success in JEE 2024

Details of Batch

Batch name : Sarthak 2022

What makes Sarthak Special ?

Guidance by Top Experts , Teachers and Mentors ( 5-10 years of Teaching Experience in Top

Institutes of Kota )

Concept through questions ( CTQ )

Interactive Doubts Clearing Session on regular basis.

Fast track revision along with personal mentoring.

Pattern of JEE exam ?

How to tackle JEE mains exam ?

  1. Get your theory clear as fast as possible : Prepare short notes and keep revising them on weekly and monthly basis , by this way you will not forget the chapters that you have already covered previously . Remember , don’t leave any chapter , in competitive exam every marks matters , at least try to cover important topics and practice PYQ questions of topic which are easy or which are not frequently asked in exam .

  2. Practice makes a man perfect : Initially start with solving 30 questions a day. Then gradually increase it. There is no upper limit. Make sure that you increase the level of problems from day to day. Keep Solving PYQ of the chapter you are done with , as it will give you a clear idea about level of questions asked in previous exams, and you will gain a lot of confidence while solving PYQ.

  3. Don’t Run after to many Study materials available in markets : Never underestimate the power of NCERT, particularly in Chemistry and physics. I strongly advice to read NCERT irrespective of your state board. NTA directly frames questions from NCERT

  4. REVISE : It is very crucial. Think of your preparation as iron sword. If you would not use it often, it will rust out and get destroyed. This can be a crucial factor between your success and failure at JEE Main. Lay strong emphasis on this.

  5. Track your progress : Make sure you know your weak and strong points. Learn from your mistakes. Once you have these statistics, you can improve your learning process and achieve much more success.

  6. Give Frequent Mock test ! Without attempting mock test, it is like a soldier without any war experience going to fight a war. Mock exams Analysis are extremely crucial because only then you can improve your preparation and score more. After every mock test , keep a note of tough questions which you were not able to solve initially , practice them again from time to time . This is something very important , which lot of student neglect . Try to give as many mocks as you can.



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