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SAMBHAV Batch – For Assured Success in NEET 2024

What makes SAMBHAV special ?

  1. Learn from Top Experts , Teachers and Mentors. ( 5-10 years of Teaching Experience in Top Institutes of Kota )

  2. Get your doubts resolved instantly . Our team is available 24*7 on WhatsApp to solve your query

  3. Track your progress Regularly with well-designed test series

  4. FastTrack Revision along with personal mentoring.

NEET 2022 Latest Exam Pattern

The National Medical Commission (NMC) specifies the NEET-UG 2022 syllabus. The question paper for NEET 2022 will be on the basis of this syllabus. Also, acknowledging the decision of reducing NEET syllabus by different Education boards, NTA had decided to provide a choice in Section B” for each section/subject in NEET 2021.

Consequently, the pattern had two sections. Each of the section/subjects had 2 sections –

  • Section A – 35 Questions

  • Section B – 15 Questions

Out of these 15 questions appearing in section B, candidates could attempt any 10 of these questions. Hence, the total number of questions and usage of time is the same.

How to tackle NEET exam ?

PHYSICS: It is the most feared subject by most of the NEET ASPIRANTS!

While tackling physics the main strategy is to understand the concept properly and practice a maximum number of questions. Try to revise the formulas quite frequently of chapters that you have already studied , some of the questions asked are direct formula based , if all the formulas are on your mind , you can solve many problems quickly.

Doing Question practice and revising formulas will improve your score.

BIOLOGY: The favorite subject of almost every NEET ASPIRANT!! Follow NCERT thoroughly, It is more than sufficient. Most of problems asked in past few years are directly asked from NCERT , keep solving PYQ ( Previous Year Questions ) , to see the past trend and important topics that are frequently asked in exam.


  1. INORGANIC: It is a memory-based subject. What it means is that you need to remember the concept, you cannot drive them just like in Physics. Follow NCERT for Inorganic, as all the questions coming in the NEET examination will be from NCERT itself.

  2. ORGANIC: For this portion , you need to rely on NCERT itself. Most questions asked in the NEET exam are directly from lines of the chapter. Reading the NCERT thoroughly along with practice of Questions along with PYQ will be sufficient.

  3. PHYSICAL: Just like physics, Question practice is a must in physical too. seeing the general trend most of the questions are either data-based or direct formula-based. Revising the formulas regularly will be helpful.



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